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Satya Datta

Satya Datta is a Media, Design and Digital Consultant. He has 22 Years Experience in Leading Media organizations like India Today, Business Today, Business World, Planman Media, NTI Media. He has also 11 years plus experience in Food industry. He is the founder of the Company Yummi Kolkataa. He is a Reiki Grand Master and was awarded twice from USA for his papers in Cancer and Energy Healing. He is also a Tao Hands Energy Healer, Teacher of Astrology and applied Source Numerology. He is also enthusiast of Blockchain Technology, and AI. He is the Author of the Book Source and creator of various Courses related to different aspects of life. He is also a Financial Consultant. He is the director of International Academy of Illusion and Magic. He is the creator of Foundation Course in Magic and Illusion.

Satya Datta (OPC)
Pvt Limited

Satya Datta (OPC) Private Limited is a Business Support Service provider Company aiming at giving 360 degree Support for people interested in Lauching a business.
Their main speciality is in the manufacturing of Bengali Sweets Snacks and catering of Events. The company is also developing grip in the field of
digital communication and marketing with the clients and creating base in giving training, development and automation for anyyone interested in opening a business
speciallyy connected with Food and beverages or anyy other. The Founder Director of the company Satyajit Datta has 12 years experience in Food industry plus he has his 22 plus years
experience in Media, Creative and Digital Marketing. Currently he is also into Blockchain Technologies. Satyajit is also a Reiki Grand Master, Tao Hands Practitioner.
Author of the book Source. The aim of Satya Datta (OPC) Private Limited is to Increase skilled employment, help in training and all round personal development of the people partnering or
associated with them so that they all take a holistic approach of Life, by understanding their core potential and taking care of their health, well being, life mission and finances.
The traing and development not only involves understanding the business, Understanding the scope of technology and Automation plus
a 360 degree approch for transformational understanding of Body, Mind and Soul Potential. Its mission is to impart understanding into the future
entrpreprenuers to discover their potential and serving the world and its people in a a more holistic approach, so that great balance may be created.
People need money to survive, so skills are very important. How to put the skills in the right direction is very important.
Running Business and business of live are two different but also integrated things. One not only has to have a understanding of the
world of Business, money, market and finance but also have to have the understanding of themselves, their true abilities and the ability to
create balance and harmony in life. Then a new breed of entreprenuers will be produced who further will help uplift mankind.
One may be a soloprenuer, or an entreprenuer leading many people, Satya Datta (OPC) Private Limited is taking initiatives to serving all.
It's multi-mission is as below:
1) Helping Entreprenuers to Discover their Purpose Blueprint
2) Empowering them with Business Acumen
3) Creating Understanding of the Markets and Its needs
4) Imparting the Knowledge of Business Automation, the must requuirement in today's world.
5) Scalability in Business
6) Empowering business owners wit Money management and Time Management tools and Techniques
7) Creating Franchisee and Job Opportnities specially in Rural and Tier two cities.
8) Imparting knowledge of Running Food Manufacturing specially in the field of Sweets and Snacks, which are integral part of Indian Culture.
9) Helping Entreprenuers and business owners in create further Employment opportunities.
10) Understanding Brand Communication thru social Messages
11) Creating understanding of New age technologies like Blockchain and Web 3 possibilities.
12) Imparting knowledge of save guarding Mother earth and its Ecosystem.
13) Imparting the knowledge of Source Science to increase the Soul, Mind body potential of Individuals and Team so that they
create a positive influence on their organisation and thus help India and the world as a whole.
14) Creating Franchisee and Job Opportnities specially in Rural Area.
15) Imparting knowledge of health thru Indian Sports and vedic sciences.
16) Creating Self reliance thru creating organic farming ecosystems.
17) Educating, training and development thru E-learning.
18) Educating Soloprenuers with Brand Buiding and authority thru the use of Publishing, infographics, Films and Media
19) Helping in Content generation for Brand Upliftment.
20) Corporate Social Responsibility by creating confluence between organisations (specially those helping the poor, orphanage, downtrodden, old aged) and international and national personalities.


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